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Finder Products

Finder Products

Efficient And Cost-Effective Way To Integrate Your Content & Metadata

Helping you acccess your information with the volumes of data that you work with today is our passion! That’s why we developed our Finder Product line and specifically our DigitalAsset Finder™ application:

CDI's Approach To Finder Products


  • Content and Data Integration (CADI™) – COMPU-DATA International (CDI) has defined this term to reference a specific set of processes involved in capturing electronic information and data, and creating relationships between them.
  • Repository management and centralized search – we created the bridge that closed the chasm which exists with today’s enterprise search engine products; you get lots of technology but no real solution out-of-the-box.
  • Trained experts – our experts in enterprise search and automatic classification can supplement your in-house team and bring you faster deployment and additional expert resources. 
  • Tested results – we are not inventing the wheel; we reuse our experience and previous successful implementations.
  • Access your distributed data centrally – our methodology is simple and by keeping it “low tech”; cost effective. Keep and manage your data were it is now and at the same time share them centrally.
  • Successful implementation – CDI’s support services help you with system integration and roll out.  We can also support you throughout the entire production lifecycle.

Results That Work

What can you expect when working with CDI’s Finder Products?

  • Reduced operating costs – our technology combined with our 20+ years of experience in the search industry and many more integrating systems gives you the maximum amount of savings implementing and supporting your solution.
  • Reuse existing search technology – our architecture is built to integrate with other search technologies.
  • Increased business productivity – no more hard to find information; by integrating your data sources you can use the enterprise search and classification technology to service a centralized search solution for all your data.
  • Standardization – a standard and flexible enterprise CADI™ framework can be rapidly deployed and easily maintained.
  • Automated tagging – centralized search with consistent, automated meta tags brings accurate, fast search results every time.
  • Same data security – a centralized search solution does not mean everyone can get to everything; with your access control lists you are still in control.

 Why Choose CDI

CDI implementation and production life cycle support resources help you get started effectively and efficiently.  Complete our privacy assured online form to discuss your needs and situations.

Customers trust CDI for effective integrations and successful solutions providing effective and quality results while at the same time improving efficiencies and lower operating costs.  To learn more, you may also browse through our CDI Products menu on the left or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Not ready yet to talk with us?

  • Get our free report on considering automatic classification and metadata tagging in SharePoint.

Talk with CDI about your situation and learn more about us.  We think you’ll agree with the customers who’ve worked with CDI… we’re the best choice to help you get the most out of your information management solution .