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We Help You Make Your Paper Go Away And Save You Money In The Process


There are many different types of business information.  Emails.  Letters.  Files.  Invoices and more.  Getting control of paper and and sharing it with others continues to be a tough battle. 

CDI's Approach To Scanning

  • At COMPU-DATA International (CDI) we do things a little different. We work with you to understand your needs and identify what works best for you.  If we offer what you need we will demonstrate it and let you test it, otherwise we will find it and point you in the right direction - No Strings Attached! 
  • Scanners are easy to get but getting the right one is another story; we will get you a demo unit.  If you are looking for a small desktop, a network scanner or a large scanner that will process over 200 pages per day, we will help you get the unit which works for you.  But we don't stop there! We will support you, help you maintain the equipment and guide you in the software selection process to drive the scanner.

Why Choose CDI

  • Our document capture and document imaging software offerings deliver functionality for centralized and distributed capture. Automating the capture processes means no delay or inconsistencies in getting vital data into your digital records; we will help there as well.  From the desktop to the back room we have an offering that will work for you.
  • At CDI, we make setting up a scaning operation easy and affordable.  If you can use some help start by completing our privacy assured online form and let us know which one of our offerings you would like to know more about or call us at 281.252.9238 to discuss your needs.

Customers trust us for effective business capture systems that provide quality images, improve efficiencies and lower operating costs.  To learn more, you may also browse through our Capture and Forms Management menu on the left. You may also contact us via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..