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Helping You Get The Most Out Of SharePoint®



You’ve made the investment in Microsoft SharePoint .  Now let COMPU-DATA International (CDI) help you use it affordably and effectively.  We help you use SharePoint  for faster and more accurate data retrieval.


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CDI's Approach to Sharepoint®

CDI helps you succeed:

  • We provide a new, automatic metadata generation tool for you to use with SharePoint …the only product on the market to run natively in SharePoint .
  • We help you with strategy, tactics, policy formulation, program implementation and even deployment resources.
  • We teach you to do things yourself, or do the work for you.
  • We deliver seamless integration with metadata, classification and taxonomy.

Many learn from CDI each year how to get the most out of their data repositories.  Learn how CDI can help you.  Complete our privacy assured online form or call us at 281.252.9238.

Comprehensive SharePoint® Implementation

CDI works with you to:

  • Automatically tag library content using content types
  • Automatically generate metadata for your documents based upon content
  • Assist in the enforcement of your records management retention policies
  • Improve the precision of the SharePoint  search engine
  • Improve collaboration by making information transparent within your user community
  • Automatically enforce security by automatically applying access controls to documents based on their content and content types

Want to get the most our of your SharePoint investment? Speak with CDI today.

Talk With The SharePoint® Experts

People and companies throughout the country come to hear CDI’s founder Juan Celaya speak about using SharePoint  for easy access to and management of information.  Juan’s practical style is effective and relevant to all…no theory, no hype, just put-to-work now stuff that saves you money - get the free report.

Talk with CDI about your situation and learn more about us.  We think you’ll agree with the customers who’ve worked with CDI…we’re the best choice to help you get the most out of SharePoint .