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Enterprise Search

Search alone often presents end users with overwhelming results that may or may not be what they are seeking.  Making relevant information available to the end user and potential partners needs to be efficient, consistent, manageable and scalable.

The myriad of search options can be overwhelming. Technologies may differ but the end result has been the same. Organizations are still facing the issues of wasted time, unproductive knowledge workers, and the inability to find business critical information. With over 80% of decisions being made on unstructured information, the need for a robust search solution is not an option but a business requirement.

With the technologies we deliver, we have taken search to a different level. Not only can users find the information they are looking for, but they can use it. Your users can use it to make your organization grow, to compete, and to succeed. You can’t leverage your information capital unless you can find it.

CDI offers the solution to make relevant information available to the end user and potential partners efficient, consistent, manageable and scalable. Enabling search to ‘just happen’ enhances “findability” with automatic semantic metadata generation, classification and taxonomy management solutions.

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