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Finder Logo

FinderManager™ is the control center of DAF with the responsibility to administer all of the components that make up the FinderServer™.  FinderManager™ communicates with the DAF Administration module providing control for one or more instances of DAF in the server. In addition to monitoring all input queues, FinderManager™ works with the Text and Visual engines to maintain each repository indexed.


FinderManager™ is responsibile for:

  • Management of DAF and External repositories indexes
  • Manages external applications
  • Manages Visual Engine search functions
  • Forwards Visual Engine Hit Lists for Finder product interfaces
  • Manages locks on files or unique resources for Finder products
  • Manages login tickets to the interface
  • Management of all instances in server

FinderManager™ provides the following functionalities:

  • Supports console mode or being run as a service
  • Supports granular logging levels that can be adjusted during operation
  • Majority written in Java except for special functionalities compiled to native code on each platform
  • Supports user-defined services using a clean, well-defined FinderService™ interface
  • Able to run command-line applications on startup or by commands sent from the DAF Administration module
  • Identifies types of indexed images based on byte patterns
  • Supports multiple Finder product instances in one server

The following architectural view shows the scope and responsibility of FinderManager™: