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FinderServer™ contains the core technology that powers the Finder Product Line from COMPU-DATA International, LLC.

FinderServer™ gathers all your media sources, organizing and indexing them to make them available to the other Finder product components that enable your Knowledge Workers to search and find the information they need for their decision making process.

FinderServer™ provides access to all the digital assets in the repositories of your organization, including groupware systems, document management systems, file servers, database management systems, web sites and even paper-based sources, including digital assets stored in file systems, images, videos, HTML documents from multiple web sites, Microsoft Exchange® databases, relational database tables, over 200 file formats and other Group Ware repositories.

FinderServer™ organizes all of your digital assets into convenient and relevant categories making them available for profiling and distributing incoming content of interest to specific users and processes. FinderServer™ is multilingual providing support for over 12 different languages.

FinderServer™ accommodates large, distributed systems and large number of users without loss of performance or accuracy. FinderServer™ is accurate, scalable and secure, provides access to a broad variety of repository and media sources and supports a wide range of languages.

FinderServer™ runs from a single or multiple, distributed server environments over a LAN or WAN. Its core technology is designed to scale as the data and the number of users grows with very scalable text and visual search engines, an application infrastructure supported by Java and the J2EE architecture and with the web server and application servers from the Apache Software Foundation.

DigitalAsset Finder™ interacts with FinderServer™ to provide access to all digital assets stored in the organization repositories using a simple to use Web interface. This interface allows the users to store digital assets in their corresponding repositories, create and update metadata, create categories and collections, contribute information to better describe or make comments regarding a digital asset and finally perform Boolean, Patter, or Concept searches.

FinderServer™ provides the following functionality

  • Links all your digital asset sources
  • High speed and distributed indexing
  • Connects Text, Images, Audio and Video assets
  • Business base security
  • Multilingual support
  • Delivers intelligent search to other Finder Product components
  • Ease of integration with existing applications
  • Underlying natural language and semantic network technology
  • Access controls at the repository and document level
  • Single Signon and integration with LDAP and Windows Active Directory
  • Categorization and Profiling
  • Collaboration
  • Scalability (highly scalable)
  • Federated Solutions