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Virtual FileRoom™

Virtual FileRoom™ (VFR™) is the newest member of the Finder product line, providing the same search functionality and benefits of DAF™ with a simple and easy to use interface. We have reworked the original VFR™ product created in 1997 into this new and exciting version.

VFR™ is configured in a two (2) and four (4) DAF or Folder Repository configuration with up to twenty five (25) named users. With VFR™ you can index multiple folders in your network and over 200 different file formats. Among many other files, with VFR™, you can easily index Outlook® message files found in the folders that make up any repository. In addition to the content of your message files, VFR™ will automatically index all the attachments contained in each message file it processes.

VFR Logo

VFR™ has been designed from the ground up with the end user in mind, focusing the product in finding not only that one digital asset needed but also other digital assets it is conceptually related to.

VFR™ is simple and easy to use, it is just like using many of the most popular search engines on the Internet except you are searching on your own content without making any changes to the files or adjusting your file systems to help the product work. VFR™ will index every file it has access to, optionally render all supported files to PDF so your users will not need the application that created the file installed in their PC to see the file's content.

File access security is not a problem with VFR™. Files processed by VFR™ will have their Microsoft® access control list automatically indexed to enforce security. When a user logs in, VFR™ will access Active Directory® information and obtain the user's access control list enforcing file protection just as the operating system does.