Automatic Classification Solution

Challenges abound in developing a comprehensive and sustainable Records Management solution. Stakeholders at all levels of the organization must actively participate and the end result should be a solution that is transparent and integrates into the organizational work flow and easily adapted to by end users.

CDI’s innovative tools can be used to improve Records Management initiatives through the identification of concepts and the generation of compound term metadata within unstructured information. Once identified these terms are used to automatically classify and apply record policies.

CDI's tools are used for automatic data classification in SharePoint® and in solutions integrating other systems. Automatic classification of documents adds structure to the data source based on the retrieval functionality and information management requirements of the user’s objectives. Once documents have been classified, users tcan browse the document collection, using an expanding tree-view to represent the taxonomy structure. Taxonomies can also be used as a method of filtering search requests so that results are restricted to a selected node on the hierarchy.

Another use of the automatic classification process is to automatically tag business records with controlled metadata (also known as Automatic Metadata Tagging) to increase the quality of the search results. Using the Taxonomy management tool a controlled vocabulary can be created and used to not only implement the automatic classification process but also used to implement the automatig tagging of business records for your Records Manager.

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