CDI Receives CoN from Army for DigitalAsset Finder


 COMPU-DATA International Awarded Certificate of Networthiness from U.S. Army

 CoN granted for DigitalAsset Finder™ (DAF) Platform


Washington, DC —COMPU-DATA International, LLC - March 21, 2010

COMPU-DATA International, LLC (CDI), a leading developer of Content And Data Integration (CADI™) solutions for government and industry, today announced that DigitalAsset Finder™ v2.0 has received the Certificate of Networthiness (CoN) from the US Army Network Technology Command (NETCOM). This certification is mandated for all systems operating within the Army Enterprise Infrastructure (AEI) which includes the key information technology systems that provide the Army with agile and adaptive capabilities, powered by net-centric, interoperable access to knowledge, systems, and services.

The CoN signifies successful completion of a stringent assessment to ensure Army automated information systems are compatible, supportable and secure within the AEI. CDI’s receipt of this certificate enables Army installations worldwide to install and utilize DAF.

DigitalAsset Finder™ improves employees’ productivity by providing powerful search and access capabilities to disparate data sources throughout the organization’s information infrastructure.  DAF is the core product in CDI’s Content Management product line. As a commercial, off-the-shelf (COTS) product, it delivers information management functions to support all digital assets. Out-of-the-box DAF delivers administration, search and retrieval, collaboration functionality, reporting and audit trails of digital assets and is easily integrated into business processes.  DAF is a complete solution enhancing the business value of the information within your organization. DAF delivers access and collaboration through industry-leading, scalable search technology combining text, visual and field search on a secure, need to know basis.

“COMPU-DATA is very pleased that the Army has entrusted us with this CoN.” stated Bill LaPorte, CDI Director of Operations.  “This certification will improve our ability to deliver leading edge content management solutions to the Army, and other DoD components worldwide.”


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