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COMPU-DATA International, LLC Overview

COMPU-DATA International, LLC (“CDI”) delivers products, consulting & professional services, paper capture & image processing services, software development and system integration specialized in Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Information Organization & Access (IOA) and Business Process Management (BPM).

Since 1988, CDI has been involved in the development, integration and implementation of corporate solutions and now has developed a methodology and architecture refered to as the "CADI™ Framework". The CADI™ Framework provides a unique and comprehensive Content and Data Integration architecture that enforces a methodology for integrating disparate data sources and provides services to applications needing to administer, collaborate and retrieve large amounts of structured and unstructured data.

Since 1992, CDI has successfully delivered, integrated and supported high-end search engine, auto-classification and capture products to numerous customers in the United States and Latin America.  CDI has been responsible for successful projects with customers including the FDA, National Nuclear Security Administration, Amgen, Geisinger Health Services, Defense Intelligence Agency, Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board, U.S. Army Records Management & Declassification Agency and others.

Today, CDI continues to focus on its customer’s needs and addressing their business issues involving ECM, IOA and BPM.  With product and service offerings in the areas of Content Integration, Centralized & Distributed Capture, Form/File Processing, Enterprise Search, Automatic Categorization/Classification and Taxonomy Management, CDI’s product offerings and services provide discriminating features and deliver success.

For over twenty-two years we have been in business helping our customers achieve their goals through successful development, integration and implementation projects.  As a small, minority-owned business, we keep our customers by delivering excellent service and proven results.  We thank you for visiting our website and we will be delighted to have you as our customer.

CDI’s mission continues to be to empower knowledge workers of organizations with the best in integrated content and information management solutions by delivering innovative, customer-focused products based on best of breed technologies addressing our customers' needs. Our mission’s success is measured by our longevity in the market and consistent long term relationships with our customers.  We achieve success by a continued positive service attitude focused in delighting our customers and providing the best quality in customer service and product value.

The following brief history of our business life illustrates our development and growth which has allowed us to be who we are today.

2009 - 
  • DigitalAsset Finder™ version 2.1 is released with Automated Classification and Taxonomy Management
  • BÖWE BELL + HOWELL relationship is established
  • US Army RMDA implements DAF v2.1 for it Joint Services Record Research Center operation
  • Versitec relationship is established 
  • CDI and The Richwood Group Company sign joint sales and marketing agreement
2008 - 
  • DigitalAsset Finder™ version 2.0 is released with conceptSearching and Adlib technology
  • DigitalAsset Finder™ version 1.8 is released
  • Notable Solutions Inc. relationship is established
  • COMPU-DATA International, LLC. celebrates its 20th Anniversary

2007 - 

  • DigitalAsset Finder™ version 1.7.9 is released
  • CADI™ Framework is announced
  • Concept Searching relationship is established
  • AdLib Software relationship is established
2006 - 
  • DigitalAsset Finder™ version 1.7.5 is released
  • IRIS relationship is established
  • Kodak relationship is established
2005 -
  • First Finder product is released - Material Safety Data Sheets (DAF/MSDS™)
  • ImageFinder is incorporated into DigitalAsset Finder™
  • DigitalAsset Finder™ version 1.7 is released
  • Virtual FileRoom™ is re-released as part of the Finder Product Line
2004 - DigitalAsset Finder™ is released
2002 - 
  • OEM agreement is signed with Convera
  • ImageFinder version 3.0 is released
  • Kofax relationship is established
2000 - 
  • COMPU-DATA International, LLC starts operations
  • Company continues its focus on digital asset management, preservation and retrieval market while adding capture to its product and consulting services.
1998 - Company delivers its first Finder product - version one of ImageFinder
1997 - 
  • COMPU-DATA Latin America Corporation begins operations
  • Focus includes the digital asset management, preservation and retrieval market.
1992 - 
  • Company enters the search and retrieval market
  • Work started in digital asset preservation, search and retrieval.
1988 - 
  • COMPU-DATA Computer Services, Inc. starts operations
  • Company's business is IT consulting, system & network support and storage solutions.

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