Capture & Forms Management

Capture Solutions & Scanning Software Technology

CDI offers a variety of document capture solutions that include workflow software to accelerate your business process through office automation.  The success of our solutions is based on the automated processes of collecting documents, forms and files, and transforming them into accurate, retrievable information.  All capture solutions must automatically deliver all the information and files collected into your business applications and database. Whether the document capture solution is centralized or distributed, we will help you achieve the capture solution that works for you.

Document Scanners

CDI offers a wide variety of document scanners to provide the ideal scanning solution for your document capture and document imaging solutions. Ranging from network scanners and desktops to high-volume production scanners these exceptional quality scanners will meet your organization’s needs and adta scanning requirements.

Forms Processing and Data Extraction

CDI offers products to aide in intelligent document recognition, data extraction, document management and archiving that is a must as part of your capture solution. Whether you are dealing with invoices, forms or the sorting and indexing of multiple documents, CDI has the solution to meet your needs.

Service Bureau & Back File Conversion

CDI has the service capability to the growing challenge and need to share paper documents among applications, employees, departments, suppliers and customers. By implementing the proper capture solution to convert your legacy paper to electronic files in a standard form such as PDF or PDF/A, organizations can ensure the ease of access to these documents and their documents across the organization.

Scanning services or file conversions to PDF; we have the experience and infrastructure to successfully deliver on your requirements.


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