We Make Storing & Finding Business Information Fast & Efficient

There are many different types of businesses each with their own unique processes, rules and policies.  Getting control ofiStock_000011953681XSmall business processes and the information each capture is tough.  Manual processes lack the ability to ensure your policies are consistently followed. Some systems require you to only enter data manually. And some only handle certain types of business information, or only make it available through select locations.  Where’s the convenience in that?  

At COMPU-DATA International (CDI) we do things very differently.  Our document capture and document imaging are closely integrated with our workflow technology allowing our solutions to easily automate your manual tasks. This means no delays or inconsistencies in communication and getting vital data into your digital records, ensuring things get done at the right time, the first time.

Our technologies work with any type of business data and will automate any business process.  Authorized users can have the ability to access data from multiple locations in a variety of formats throughout the process. When a task requires a decision, all the information needed for that decision will be available right there on the screen.

At CDI, we make accessing & controlling business tasks easy, fast and affordable.  How can we help you? Start by completing our privacy assured online form and let us know your interests in our offerings or call us at 281.292.1333 x:303 to discuss your situation.

Effective Business Automation

  • Improve access – our simple interfaces allow access to all electronic files in the network, regardless of location
  • Improve consistency – our capture workflows interface to scanners, copy machines and your PC's desktop; capture everything using one standard
  • Improve speed – enterprise level search with consistent, automated metadata generation brings search and document retrieval results that are quick and accurate
  • Eliminate errors – with systems that automate error-prone business processes, you’ll improve bottom line results with CDI’s workflow technology products and expert implementation services
  • More choices – Your business is multi-faceted and so are the workflow technology, information capture & retrieval options offered through CDI.  You can consistently enforce your policies and access business information in a variety of formats best suited to your situation
  • Flexible Implementation – On premise or in the Cloud; we have both solutions available for you

Comprehensive Business Automation

CDI offers an integrated suite of capabilities to reduce your costs and improve your effectiveness:

  • Information capture
  • Workflow Technology
  • Content management and enterprise search
  • Supports all internet and extranet needs through standard platforms
  • Simple, easy to use employee access interface 
  • Automatic or manual classification options

Customers trust CDI for effective business automation systems that control information, improve efficiencies and to lower operating costs.  To learn more, complete our privacy assured online form or call us at (281) 292.1333 x:303.

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