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Empower users to access information instantly and without barriers to uncover knowledge through technology

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Juan J. Celaya, President & CEOI invite you to contact me with any questions.
Juan J. Celaya
President & CEO

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  • Less Files More Space

    Capture your papers and automatically save them in your electronic libraries.

  • Automatically Protect Your Data

    Improve data security by automatically encrypting your files while at rest and in transit.

  • Drive Down Overhead Costs

    Automate business related processes and enforce policies using Workflow Technology to reduce costs and improve productivity.

  • Make Stacks of Paper Disappear

    Process your paper business forms centrally or in a distributed manner. Web based capture solutions and great scanners - A great combination!

  • Manage Patient Records

    Manually working with Patient Records? Securely capture and share patient records today.

  • Healthcare and HIPAA

    Simplify patient records management, manage compliance and enforce policies with ease while securing your data.

  • Help Your RM Staff Protect You
    Help Your RM Staff Protect You

    Classify and Automatically Tag Your Documents with Record Retention Schedules. Why do it manually when it can happen automatically?

  • Improve Your Data Privacy

    Manage the automatic identification of your content for compliance.



Capture the world’s Knowledge!


Implement the finest centralized & distributed capture solutions

Capturing data to support your business is a critical function. Let us help you manage your Data Chaos with solutions that work.


Automate and integrate to enforce your policies and procedures


Versatile Workflow Product and Integration Solutions

Your business processes must be automated and integrated to your data allowing you to enforce your policies and procedures.

Index, Search and Retrieve all your data. Virtual FileRoom™ makes it easy!


Extensive Array of Standard Features to Manage your data

Virtual FileRoomTM is a powerful information management application that sits at the core of the DAF Platform, providing a rich feature set.


Secure your data even when it’s not in your computer


At rest or in transit; maintain data protected with 256-bit encryption

Ensure compliance and protect your intellectual property transparently. Access secured data only if you are in the "Circle of Trust"!


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