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About Why Use CDI

Why Use CDI

Why Use CDI?

Over the past twenty-nine years, CDI has developed expertise in delivering customer defined solutions in ECM, IOA and BPM.  For example, Honeywell Federal Manufacturing and Technologies, LLC (Honeywell FM&T) one of the largest manufacturing contractors for the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), hired CDI to implement Kofax’s Ascent Capture and CDI’s Finder products into their organization to comply with the DOE's mandate for the preservation of their employee knowledge base.  CDI's offerings and expertise are proven successfully with this and other customers. 

CDI has the corporate knowledge and experience to work with its customers to build a solid foundation for the future.  Our qualifications are based on a four-fold approach to providing services.  We believe success in our industry is based on these essentials of quality service delivery.

Technology Leadership:  A large part of CDI’s corporate heritage was built from the ground up and side by side with leaders in the Capture, Search and Retrieval software market space.  CDI takes great pride in this corporate heritage, a heritage based on delivering technology powered by information.  Few companies place greater emphasis on or make more investment, as a percent of revenue, in technology knowledge than does CDI.  With leadership, come responsibility to our clients; the responsibility to deliver successful solutions, not questions; the responsibility of looking to the future, while maintaining the integrity of the past; and the responsibility of cost-effective delivery, not technology for the sake of technology.

Client Satisfaction: Our customers make us better.  We take pride in delighting our clients by delivering solutions and services that enable their success.    Our client list includes well-known and established organizations such as Geisinger Health Systems, Michelin North America, Anchorage Police Department and University of California Office of the President, as well as other organizations within the U.S. Federal Government such as the Army Records Management and Declassification Agency.  Our success is based on our client’s ability to maintain and perform their business processes because of our dependable solutions and services.  We provide industry leading customer support founded on quick, accurate and professional response.                          

Mission Success:  Mission Success for us has come to mean accepting our customers’ mission as our mission.  Market leadership is achieved through relentless pursuit.  It means making the trip easier for our client by providing technology currency and leadership, as well as strong organization footing.  Mission Success is our driving ambition. 

Core Values:  Integrity, Superior Products, Ethics, Excellence – These core values guide CDI. Our objective is to demonstrate these values in all we say and do.

In summary, CDI is best viewed by the accomplishments of the company and those of its Team Members, its products and services.  CDI’s heritage and future has been and continues to be in the areas of:

The successful solutions we have delivered over the past 27 years have incorporated our own DigitalAsset Finder platform, as well as, products from Kodak Alaris, Nintex, Concept Searching, Kofax Image Products Microsoft® and others.

CDI's corporate offices are located north of Houston, Texas and the company also has facilities in Florida and Virginia.