DigitalAsset Finder™ Platform

The DigitalAsset Finder™ Platform ("DAF") is unique in the industry. DAF is built as a layer on top of an Enterprise Search Engine using the power of this technologies to deliver "Out of the Box" functionality and scalability available only from very expensive products in the industry.

DAF is the bridge that overcomes the chasm that exists between the Search Technology and access to all disparate data sources. DAF's architecture and its implementation methodology allows you to easily implement an enterprise search solution and add automatic classification technology for all data sources. By leveraging our web based Virtual FileRoom™ application and our open architecture "Out of the Box" you can roll out a successfull solution without major integration and development costs.

DAF is built using CDI's CADI™ Framework and delivers unprecedented content and data integration and accessibility "Out of the Box" that makes you successful at providing unified access through and Enterprise SeDAF v3 logoarch Solution to information repositories, document management systems, production systems, intranet and other "islands of information" throughout your organization.

DAF does not use a Relational Data Base System (RDBMS) to store its content and meta data. DAF's managed repositories are XML based and all digital files are stored at the file system level in their original form.

DAF's use of an RDBMS is for:

  • Support of the Enterprise Search and Automatic Classification Engines
  • Reporting Functionality and Audit Trails
  • Connect to data base tables for use of drop down lists, indexing, etc.

DAF improves employees’ productivity by providing powerful search, automatic classification and access capabilities to disparate data sources throughout the organization’s information infrastructure eliminating today's Data Chaos created by the continued creation of Unstrtutured Data.

The Architecture:

daf architecturethumb

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