CDI's 20th Anniversary

Dear Friends,

I can sincerely speak for myself and the members of the CDI organization when I say that we are very proud to still be around working with our customers and providing the products and services we continue to be successful at delivering.  Since 1988 we have seen many changes in the technology industry and we are happy to say we have adjusted with all the changes in the market and adapted with the evolving technology.

As we look towards our future we see continued opportunities to work with many companies looking for simple and cost effective solutions that will help them meet the challenges the future will bring. We are committed to offer our customers and potential customers in the Enterprise Content Management and Information Management markets products and services that will address eighty percent of their needs out of the box.

With 20 years in business we have demonstrated our commitment to the Content Management and Information Management markets. As a small minority business we have worked with many companies and delivered more successful projects than many similar sized companies have. Our customers continue to benefit from our ability to leverage our vast experience in capture, workflow, integration, search and retrieval, categorization, products and integration as we work with them in delivering their solutions.

We want to thank all of our loyal customers and friends that have supported and helped us throughout the years; without all of them, their trust and confidence we could not be who we are.


Juan J. Celaya

President & CEO

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