Fast, Effective and Scalable Enterprise Search with Automatic Classification and Metadata Tagging of business records

COMPU-DATA International’s (CDI) approach to search, retrieval and classification are very different than those from other companies:

CDI's Approach To Search


  • Easy to implement – our technology is Microsoft operating system based so it is easy to work with.  You’ll find CDI products and solutions focused on the “KISS” concept.
  • Improved quality – Because of innovative technology, we deliver both high precision and high recall. By weighting multi-word phrases instead of single words used in isolation, your search and retrieval experience is significantly improved. 
  • Successes seen quickly – with CDI you get to see results quickly; demos and pilots quickly translate to successful production implementation.
  • Accurate results – we believe our technology provide the best results when compared to other technologies. Our automatic classification technology and our ability to automatically tag business records allows us to improve records management by automatically assigning retention policies.


Results That Work

What can you expect when working with enterprise search and automatic classification solutions from CDI?

  • Reduced operating costs – our technology combined with our 20+ years of experience in the search industry gives you the maximum amount of savings implementing and supporting your solution.
  • Not just a single search technology - by providing automatically generated metadata that conveys meaning to the Microsoft Search and FAST index, searches can be transformed into actionable knowledge.
  • Increased business productivity – no more hard to find information; by eliminating manual metadata tagging, records management and compliance processes are improved.
  • Standardization – a standard flexible enterprise metadata framework can be rapidly deployed and easily maintained by using our classification technology.
  • Automated tagging – enterprise search with consistent, automated metadata taging of business records bring accurate, fast search results every time. Either in SharePoint® or in other repositories enhancing search through automatic classification and metadata tagging of business records is easy and flexible.
  • Better data security – we can identify 'unknown' exposures of confidential content from within SharePoint®, file stores, and web sites and can automatically route them to a secure server for further disposition and analysis. This capability is another successful implementation of our technology's ability to automatically tag records with metadata that is managed and controleed by you.


Why Choose CDI

CDI implementation and production life cycle support resources help you get started effectively and efficiently.  Complete our privacy assured online form to discuss your needs and situations.

Customers trust CDI for effective enterprise search and automatic classification systems that provide effective and quality results while at the same time improving efficiencies and lower operating costs.  To learn more about our search and retrieval solutions or how we can help you build, for instance, a successful automatic record retention policies tagging system, browse through our Enterprise Search menu on the left or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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