The Industry’s Most Powerful Information Management Solutions

After working with hundreds of companies, we’ve learned one thing:  to do information management the right way, it has to be done with a company that also knows content management and retrieval.

COMPU-DATA International (CDI) is the right information partner for you.  Since 1988 we’ve grown to become a preferred information management provider for governmental institutions, medical facilities, financial institutions, large companies and others in the United States.

Complete, Integrated Products and Services

We work in the Enterprise Content Management, Information Organization and Access, and Business Process Management industries.  We help you with these business information management services:Solutions

  • Automation – we help you access your business information quickly, from any location, at any time.  We also help you capture, access and use information about your clients, orders, accounts, agreements and documents, projects, statistics, employees and any other type information your business depends upon for daily operations.  Tell us how we can help you by filling out our privacy assured online form.
  • Capture Forms and Processing – CDI streamlines your document-driven business processes, combining a sound strategy with automation and best in class technologies that improve operations while saving you money.  Discover how we can help your company by registering on our website and letting us keep you updated with the latest on technology, product and solutions.
  • Records Management – our focus is on records identification and enhancing access to records through automated tagging of metadata.  We’re experts at designing information management services programs for any size organization.  Talk with us about your situation, fill out our privacy assured online form and we will be in touch with you right away!
  • Microsoft SharePoint® – we make sure you get the most out of SharePoint .  Quite simply, we help you organize data better within SharePoint  and find it easier.  We do this by using a classification technology unique to this industry.  This classification technology allows for “understanding of meaning” rather than simply an exact match of keywords.  It’s an automated process resulting in faster, more accurate data retrieval.  There’s no need for complex syntax for queries…simply use natural language and our unique process does the rest.  Learn more about our SharePoint business boosters now.
  • Compliance – Government and insurance regulations mandate the way you handle certain types of information data.  CDI has you covered with an array of compliance solutions to keep your company out of trouble.  Stay out of trouble by talking with CDI, fill out our privacy assured online form and we will follow up with information on how you can automatically manage electronic documents that need to be control.


Information Management Services You Can Trust

Since 1988, CDI has been helping organizations just like yours take control of information.  We’re a trusted provider of information and content management services throughout the U.S.

We invite you to learn more about CDI.  Talk with us.  Follow us on Twitter.  And call us at 281.252.9238 when you’re ready to talk about information or content management services for your business.