Automatic Semantic Metadata Generation and Tagging

Automatic metadata generation enables an organization to extract compound terms, acronyms, and keywords from a document and corpus of documents that are highly correlated to a particular concept or Meta Tag.

Automatically identifying the most significant patterns in any text, CDI uses these compound terms to generate metadata based on an understanding of conceptual meaning. When these compound terms, acronyms, and keywords are prevalent within a particular document that document is automatically “meta-tagged” eliminating the requirement for an individual to read that document and subjectively apply metadata to the properties of a document.

Watch the following video to see how this solution is implemented to enforce Records Management and Rights Managment Policies in SharePoint 2010 through the use a taxonomy to automatically tag documents for effective enforcement of document policies. An explanation and demonstration of the solution is also presented.

You may also want to browse through the following presentation which addresses the topic of automatic tagging of documents within SharePoint®. The process of automatically tagging documents can also be implemented outside of the SharePoint® product.


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