Records Management

Top Flight Records Management From CDI

COMPU-DATA International (CDI) focus is on creating records management systems that create automatic enforcement protocols of your company’s record retention policies.

Our records management solutions automatically enforce your company’s record retention policies, all the time, every time.  With our Automatic Classification and Taxonomy Management technologies you can extend your records management reach easily and effectively.

How do we do it?

We begin by understanding your records data requirements.  We then provide a classification technology with meta tagging automation.  This helps you:

  • Apply new policies to existing data
  • Eliminate manual tagging
  • Establish protocols for structured data
  • Automate enforcement of company record retention policies

CDI takes the hassle out of records retention.  Talk with us about your situation.  Complete our privacy assured online form or call us at 281.292.1333.

Comprehensive Services

CDI record management solutions work well with SharePoint® and other external data sources.  They’re easy to implement and easy to use.  Most of all, they’re effective in ensuring policy compliance.

Since 1988, CDI has been helping companies just like yours control critical business information.  We work across the country to bring effective, affordable solutions to our clients.

CDI records management services help you:

  • Automatically tag your library’s content independent of their repository management application
  • Drive your records management retention policies
  • Improve the precision of your Enterprise Search Engine
  • Improve collaboration by making your information more transparent within your user community
  • Automatically enforce security by automatically applying access controls to documents based on their content

You’ll like working with CDI.  We’re effective, affordable and efficient; learn more About us.  Most of all, complete our privacy assured online form to talk with us or call us at 281.292.1333 to discuss your situation.








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