DAF Repository

The DAF Repository is the foundation of the DigitalAsset Finder™ Platform. Its architecture enables the flexibility and functionality provided in Virtual Fileroom™.


A DAF Repository can be used to store any type of content regardless of its size or format. This repository stores document sets and members while maintaining all of their information and relationships without the use of a Relational Data Base Management System (RDBMS).

DAF Repositories hold content  and stores indexes, hierarchy location, category and all other information specific to the content or the document set it is a member of.

DAF Repositories support a hierarchical structure similar to the familiar manual archiving system that uses Cabinets, Drawers, Folders and Documents. In a DAF Repository a content files may contain a companion. The companion file is stored in the DAF Repository as supporting data to the content file. Additionally, administrators may create Categories allowing for simple manual classification of the content in any DAF Repository.

The physical location of a content and its companion files is controlled by FinderManager™. The structure of the repository is based on the XML based DocumentSet Descriptor™, which contains attributes and relationships for each digital assets.

  • The DocumentSet Descriptor™ ("DSD") is the primary component of the DAF Repository and it is used to maintain the relationships in a document set for each file and the indexes associated with each member. The DSD is processed by FinderManager™ and is an integral part of the Virtual FileRoom™ interfaces.