Security is provided at the repository and document level based on Access Controls assigned to the content and users of the system. The DAF Administration module interacts with security configurations maintained in systems such as Active Directory and LDAP making the information available to the Virtual FileRoom™ administrator for configuration into the system. Security is enforced by FinderManager™ providing document level at the time a search is executed while repository security is enforced at login time. Field level security may also be provided based on specific implementation needs and it is not available out of the box.

Repositories in the DAF Platform™ are easily integrated with other applications (external applications) used in your enterprise, whether home grown or from a third party. The access controls managed by external applications are made available to the DAF Administration module for configuration into the system. These external application repositories will contain the security information forwarded from the external applications allowing FinderManager™ to enforce it.

Security in the DAF Platform is complete and enforceable. In short, users may access only those documents they have privileges to and only in the repositories they have access to.